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Nite Two at E3 2018: Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Mark MacDonald, and Brad Shoemaker!

2018-06-13 34:50 Events, Features

Jeff sits down with Tetsuya Mizuguchi & Mark MacDonald (Enhance Games) and Brad Shoemaker to talk the Tetris Effect and the fact that you can rotate Tetris pieces both directions.

Nite Two at E3 2018: Ed Boon, Eric Pope, and More!

2018-06-13 38:57 Events, Features

Ed Boon (Netherrealm), Jacob Mikkelsen and Sven Liebold (IO Interactive), Eric Pope (Ubisoft), and Dan Ryckert all join Jeff to talk about Hit Man, the Ubisoft Way, and the gaming community.

Nite Two at E3 2018: Editor Check-In!

2018-06-13 35:11 Events, Features

Jeff and the Giant Bomb team discuss the stunning Cyberpunk 2077, RE2, and Sonic Racing.

Nite Two at E3 2018: Phil Spencer of Microsoft!

2018-06-13 54:09 Events, Features

Join Jeff and Phil as they discuss the future of Microsoft in games, making games more accessible, and why HDR is so confusing.

E3 2018: Xbox One Players Will Finally Become As Gods in NieR:Automata

2018-06-13 00:32 Trailers

The Become As Gods Edition includes all the DLC and comes out very soon!

E3 2018: The Classic Action RPG Titan Quest Arrives on Switch

2018-06-13 01:29 Trailers

When y'all said put everything on Switch, I thought you were joking.

E3 2018: How'd They Make Command & Conquer Work on a Phone with Rivals?

2018-06-13 05:29 Trailers

Here's a 5-minute walkthrough of how everything works.

E3 2018: How Could They Have Known NBA 2K19 Would Be the 20th NBA 2K?

2018-06-13 01:00 Trailers

Put LeBron on your cover but not in any specific uniform. Smart.

E3 2018: Hyper Sports R Brings Konami's Track & Field Series to Switch

2018-06-13 01:04 Trailers

Wait. The health club company? It all makes sense now!