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Let's Building With Labo!

2018-04-20 14:34 Features

Tune in, friends, because our well-honed cardboard hoarding skills are about to pay off BIGH TIME.

Quick Look: Adventure Pals

2018-04-20 24:52 Quick Looks

Hot Dog! Jason, Ben, and Brad pal around in this new entry in the "Hop 'N Bop" genre!

Speak Softly and Build a Cheap Stick!

2018-04-19 18:45 Features

Handy man Jason is ready to cut down some trees to make into sticks!

Ben's Lens: Unprofessional Fridays

2018-04-19 04:17 Features

Ever wonder what the lead up to UPF looks like? Well bam, there it is.

Breakfast 'N' Ben - 04/19/18

2018-04-19 49:44 Features

Let's get weird.

Quick Look: God of War

2018-04-19 45:25 Quick Looks

It's finally time Kratos learned about the joys of fatherhood through throat ripping and letting your son climb on your back like a weird little spider monkey.

Dan's First Moments in God of War

2018-04-19 52:52 Quick Looks

You only get one chance at a first impression. Let's see if any opinions have changed.

Giant Bombcast 528: Boy!

2018-04-17 30:08 Giant Bombcast

This week we talk about the early hours of Kratos and his son's new adventure, some hardcore boat action, some hardcore "action," the proper way to enjoy a PB&J sandwich, and way more.

Gaiden the Ring: WWE Day of Reckoning Part 5

2018-04-16 40:54 Features

With only ten matches left in our Day of Reckoning career, Son of Berzerker will ascend to stardom as we talk Wrestlemania, Takeover, and all the other wrestling that happened last weekend.

Quick Look: Yakuza 6 - The Song of Life

2018-04-16 36:56 Quick Looks

Now that Yakuza is back, let's all say "nice to michi!"